To begin with, Japanese skincare products containing collagen are a must item for most women in this country. They also eat collagen regularly. Visit restaurants or izakaya, and you’ll find dishes that are rich in collagen, such as pigs trotters (tonsoku), shark fin (fukahire) and chicken skin. Collagen-rich food becomes particularly popular during winter as their skin tends to get really dry.

Of course, they can’t always eat such collagen-rich dishes at restaurants all the time. What do they do then? It seems collagen supplements are the answer and Japanese supplement producers provide plenty of types for women of varying ages to choose from.

Even just a quick visit to drugstores in Japan will quickly prove how popular and various Japanese collagen supplements are. They come in the forms of tablets, powder, and liquid, and from major to not-so-major producers offer hundreds of different collagen supplements.

White this is a welcoming state of beauty affairs, it could be quite confusing and time-consuming to find the right one. If you are new to the collagen scene, you’d probably like to go with the most trusted ones in the Japanese collagen market. Here is a list of top 5 selling collagen supplements at, which have hundreds of fans ordering repeatedly.

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